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The Greater Paris Debate – Reflections for the Gauteng City-Region

Author / Authors:

  • Alan Mabin



One of the core interests of the Gauteng City-Region Observatory is to interrogate the means through which a functionally integrated urban area can be governed as a city-region even though it straddles multiple jurisdictions. This is a consideration in many conurbations around the world, where fast growing urban areas are no longer aligned with territories of governance. Comparative studies are particularly instructive, in that they show us how other city-regions have grappled with questions of the scale of governance.

This GCRO Provocation, the third in a series of Provocations on Governing the GCR, describes the context of the Paris region and the search, over several decades, for ways of institutionalising the region in the context of its multi-layered forms of government. Throughout this period, different public, private and non-governmental actors widened and deepened public discussion. The Provocation considers how the Paris-region experience might inform the expansion of public discussion in the Gauteng City-Region, and suggests roles within this discussion for many actors, including the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (which has already sponsored and produced relevant materials), businesses, not-for-profit organisations and government actors.


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