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Urban Transformation in South Africa


Year published: 2016
Categories: Book Chapter
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Author / Authors:

  • Mfaniseni Fana Sihlongonyane
  • Martin Lewis


Urban Transformation in South Africa”, ISOCARP Review 12: Envisioning Future Cities: Ideas and Examples. 2016, International Society of City and Regional Planners.


The rise of the transformation agenda in urban thought and practice in South Africa since the 1990s has been quite profound. Despite all of the legislation, policy and planning mechanisms that have been introduced to foster transformation, it has been putatively acclaimed that it is not happening, or not happening as it should. Moreover, the political nature of the concept has not helped in its conception. This article seeks to explore the concept of transformation by firstly discussing its influences in urban development. This is followed by outlining the critical challenges for transformation. Lastly, the article puts forwards a conceptual framework of transformation that can provide a more practical way to foster sustainable urban change.


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