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Council Constitution


The Council consists of the following members appointed by the Minister after the nomination and selection processes referred to in subsection (3) have taken place:

  • Two planners in the full-time employ of the Department
  • One planner in the employ of a Provincial Government
  • Two planners in the employ of the municipal sphere of government, one of whom shall be from a municipality which is mainly rural in character and the other from a municipality which is mainly urban in character
  • Three planners from the planning education and training sector
  • No more than three but at least one person to represent the interests of communities who are or may be affected by planning decisions; and
  • Three planners in private practice.


  • The Minister must appoint, from the members of the Council, a chairperson, a deputy chairperson and an alternate chairperson of the Council.
  • When the chairperson is unable to perform the functions of that office, they shall be performed by the deputy chairperson or, if the deputy chairperson is unable to do so, by the alternate chairperson.

The Minister must call for nominations at least 30 days before the selection process takes place by—

  • Publishing a notice in the Gazette and at least one national newspaper and any other appropriate media, indicating the categories of members to constitute the Council, the number of representatives to be appointed in each category and the persons or bodies entitled to nominate persons in the specified categories
  • To invite all interested persons, voluntary associations, institutions and organisations to submit nominations; and
  • To take any other steps he or she deems necessary.

In appointing members of the Council, the Minister must have due regard to the planning profession principles contained in section 2, the diversity of interests and the need to ensure and promote gender, disability and other demographic representation.

Every member of the Council must be appointed for a period of four years, but the Minister may in his or her discretion extend the term of such a member by a further period not exceeding three months until a new Council or member has been appointed.

A member of the Council may not serve for more than two consecutive terms of office.

The Minister must publish in the Gazette the names of and positions held by each appointee to the Council and the date on which each appointment takes effect.

If a member of the Council dies or vacates his or her office before the expiry of the period for which he or she was appointed, the Minister may appoint a person to fill the vacancy for the unexpired portion of the period for which such member was appointed: provided that the appointment does not alter the composition of the Council as set out in subsection (1).