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Registration Documentation

Thank you for your interest in registering with SACPLAN. You will find the necessary documents below that must be completed and sent back to us by Email: planner@sacplan.co.za or it can be delivered to the SACPLAN Office


The registration form is available for download, please ensure that you review the supporting documents required for your application. Please scroll down to access the supporting documentation.

Important Circulars to read:

SACPLAN Rules on requirements for registration

  • Rule 15(3) states that “the practical training must be for a total period of at least 24 months.” Please note that in this regard reference is made to actual time. The 24 month period is normally only achieved within a minimum period of 2,5 to 3 years.
  • Rule 15(4) states that “the practical training must be undertaken after obtaining the relevant planning qualification.” You can include your experience from completing your qualification.
  • Rule 15(5) states that “the practical training must be undertaken under the guidance of a registered professional planner in respect of a person registering as a professional planner, or under the guidance of the technical or professional planner for a person registering as a technical planner.
  • Rule 15(6) states that “In addition, it is necessary to have been registered as a candidate planner for at least two (2) years.” This would then be from the date your application as a Candidate Planner was approved. This date is mentioned in the letter of approval you will receive / received.

You need to meet the requirements of Rules 15(3), 15(4), 15(5) as well as 15(6). You must satisfy all the requirement.


The process that any application follows is firstly the scrutiny of the application for completeness and correctness. Secondly the practical training report (applications for registration as Professional Planner or Technical Planner) is evaluated, the supervisors that signed off on the practical training report checked against the supervisor(s) that has been approved, the status and standing of the supervisor, and the supervisor is contacted. At the same time the qualification of the applicant is verified (if it was not verified previously). This is done either directly with the relevant university or through a service provider depending on the type of application. The planner (and supervisor(s) where applicable) is contacted where any information and / or documentation is to be corrected. Following this process, a report is prepared for the Registration Committee. The Registration Committee evaluate all the applications that are complete prior to the finalisation of the report. The Registration Committee then make a recommendation to Council. At the Council meeting these are then discussed and a final resolution taken regarding these applications. Please note that SACPLAN is no longer working on cut-off dates for submission of applications. This is in order to avoid the high volumes of applications received on the cut-off day thus not allowing the office sufficient time to properly scrutinise and process the applications received. Applicants are advised to submit their applications as soon as all the documentation are completed, the practical training report is signed off by the supervisor(s), all the affidavits are properly completed and signed by a Commissioner of Oaths, certificates and other relevant documentation are certified (certification not older than six months), and the required payment has been made. Please ensure that a copy of the proof of payment is included as part of the application documentation. The process after the Council meeting is to finalise the minutes of the meeting. The decision of Council is only communicated after the minutes have been finalised. This is to ensure that the correct decisions are conveyed. This process takes about two to three weeks to finalise. In respect of the approved applications, it is only at this stage that the registration numbers are allocated and the newly registered persons informed of the Council’s decision in writing.