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Resources / Forums

The Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) is a partnership between the University of Johannesburg, the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG), and organised local government in Gauteng (SALGA-Gauteng).

The GCRO helps to build the knowledge base that government, business, labour, civil society and residents all need to make the Gauteng City-Region competitive, spatially integrated, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. The GCRO collects data and benchmarks the city-region, provides policy analysis and support, undertakes applied research, and publishes critically reflective academic work.

Spatial and Temporal Evidence for Planning in South Africa (stepSA) is a collaborative initiative aimed at building the capability and evidence base to support high impact and transformative investment decisions in SA’s cities, towns and settlements.

uKESA Library

uKESA Forum

Forums provide a space for dialogue where participants may explore various topics and debates. Contributors are asked to respect fellow users, stay on topic, and cross reference points where applicable.

uKESA Portal

This portal provides a gateway to further useful websites, apps, and complementary knowledge hubs developed by other organisations engaging in urban development issues.

Future Cities Africa (FCA)

Future Cities Africa (FCA) is a knowledge platform hosting digital discussions with thought leaders and experts at the forefront of major trends, projects, innovations, challenges and opportunities impacting the future of African Cities. Digital discussions can be accessed on demand and the content is evergreen! It also has the ability to reach a continental and international audience, helping all stakeholders stay informed. FCA discussions cover on a broad range of sectors and industries ranging from technology, government, built environment, energy, mobility, climate change, finance, citizen centric services and more. The future for African cities are not set in stone, however through collaboration and sharing of knowledge we can stay informed and build together on a prosperous and exciting future for ourselves and our children.

Isandla Institute

The Isandla Institute is a key role player in the local governance sector, an important analytical voice on urban development issues, a convener of spaces of dialogue on urban citizenship, a producer of quality research, and a thought leader on issues such as informal settlements upgrading, urban governance and local level planning systems.