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Talking Transformation Podcast

Episode 20

Dignity, Love and Respect

Episode 19

Growing Pains of Integration and Community Building: The Cosmo City Story

Episode 18

The Heart of the Matter [Setting the Scene for “We’ve GOT to talk about Housing”]

Episode 17

“TTPod FutureCast”: Panel discussion – Review of 2019 and what lies in store for 2020 and beyond.

Episode 16

Conversations From Down Under

Episode 15

Whose Line Is It Anyway?”: Dr. Anele Horn – Efficacy of urban edges / growth boundaries in post 1994 South Africa

Episode 14

Blockchains and Housing Ladders

Episode 13

“It’s the [food] economy stupid!”

Episode 12

4IR – Decoding the Jargon and Embracing the Future

Episode 11

The Integration Syndicate: Conversations and provocations designed to confront and…

Episode 10

#money4meerkats: Co-ordinating Complexity and Spatial Priorities

Episode 9

“Trying to stop a tsunami.” Public transport and the role of technology in advancing mobility in cities

Episode 8

“The Original Sin”: Presidential Land Reform Panel Report – Unpacking the origins and findings

Episode 7

“Here to Stay”: Enhancing Informal Settlement – Insight, reflection and lessons learnt from SERIs research

Episode 6

“Here Be Dragons…”: The case for evidence based decision making (and how to go about it)

Episode 5

#DreamingOfWakanda: (A “New” SA City) Noble Aspiration or Pure Folly?

Episode 4

A tour of duty…and of service: Peacemaking and healing in communities affected by trauma and violence

Episode 3

“Pushing the Boundaries” – the remarkable story of Port Elizabeth’s infill housing successes

Episode 2

Revisiting Jozi City’s Corridors of Freedom Initiative “Leveraging value from colours on the map

Episode 1

“The Buffalo in the Room” – Revisiting the National Development Plan (NDP)