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COVID-19 Crisis Management in Croatia: The Contribution of Subnational Levels of Government


Year published: 2022
Categories: Book Chapter
URL Link: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-91112-6_16

Author / Authors:

  • Dana Dobrić Jambrović


First Online: 04 May 2022
Part of the Local and Urban Governance book series (LUG)


The activities of the Republic of Croatia related to the COVID-19 pandemic can be monitored in three phases. The first began in January 2020, when primarily preventive measures were taken to restrict international flights and sea transport, as well as to manage incoming passengers. The second phase began with the first patients’ appearance at the end of February 2020 and lasted until June 2020 (so-called first wave). In that period, in addition to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, a number of measures were adopted by the National civil protection headquarters, regional civil protection headquarters, as well as local authorities at the proposal of local civil protection headquarters. A nation-wide “lockdown” was also introduced. Finally, the third phase began in autumn 2020 and is ongoing (so-called second wave). In the last phase, the measures have been much milder compared to the second phase, and it has not yet been declared, nor is it planned to declare, another “lockdown.” This chapter aims to identify: (1) the crisis management strategies and mechanisms implemented by Croatia, (2) the organizational and functional adjustments required for crisis management, and (3) the measures taken by local and regional units to combat the pandemic. Empirical research was conducted using the data content analysis (strategic documents, legal regulations, and soft law documents).

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Jambrović, D.D. (2022). COVID-19 Crisis Management in Croatia: The Contribution of Subnational Levels of Government. In: Nunes Silva, C. (eds) Local Government and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Local and Urban Governance. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-91112-6_16


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