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GIS modeling of flooding exposure in Dar es Salaam coastal areas


Year published: 2020
Categories: Articles

Author / Authors:

  • Tabaro Kabanda


African Geographical Review, 39:2, 134-143, DOI: 10.1080/19376812.2019.1650082


Sea-Level Rise (SLR) above the Mean Sea Level can pose a considerable hazard to coastal areas. This study used an elevation-based GIS analysis to determine the physical vulnerability of Dar es Salaam coastal areas under a range of SLR scenarios. A model of possible flooded areas is created on a digital elevation model. Using this model, the impact of SLR was measured on the surface area, buildings, and road networks. The study shows that SLR will cause damage to various areas and infrastructure. In numerous areas, flooding incidences are intensified by blocked drainage channels that have garbage hampering the movement of wastewater, resulting in homes inundated by polluted wastewater.

KEYWORDS: Sea level, flooding, GIS, climate change, digital elevation model


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