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Heritage Preservation: Protecting the Past and Building the Future


Year published: 2023
Categories: Book Chapter
URL Link: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-031-18416-1_5

Author / Authors:

  • Mulatu Wubneh


Heritage Preservation: Protecting the Past and Building the Future
Mulatu Wubneh
First Online: 02 January 2023

Part of the Local and Urban Governance book series (LUG)


This chapter looks at Gondar’s development through the layers of history. Gondar has a rich mix of historic and cultural resources some of which date to the sixteenth century. Historic resources give a community a sense of who they are, and how their forefathers lived. They are important resources worth preserving for future generations. Local governments should adopt policies and programs that would facilitate the preservation and protection of these resources.

When developing a local plan, municipalities must solicit input from citizens to evaluate public attitudes toward historic preservation and to set priorities that reflect the wishes of the community. Some of Gondar’s historic assets including the castles, old bridges, and roundhouses reflect the rich cultural connection that the city had with the Portuguese Jesuits of the seventeenth century. But when questions are raised on who were the architects and builders of these resources, the answers are often riddled with guesswork and uncertainty. This chapter tries to shed light on this important question.

Gorgora and Semien national parks are two major natural resources that are located in the area. The chapter analyzes the tourism potential of these resources and their contribution to providing diversity in available tourism destinations in the region.


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