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Housing in African Cities. A Lens on Urban Governance


Year published: 2023
Categories: Research Article
URL Link: https://booksellers.springernature.com/search?s=b25b0686-650e-4cdf-970d-9587d9904364
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Author / Authors:

  • Margot Rubin
  • Sarah Charlton
  • Neil Klug


This edited collection from across the African continent offers a diverse set of analytical accounts that engage with the urban governance dynamics, drivers and impacts of a wide variety of housing initiatives. These include insights into the relationships between parties and actors undertaking developments, or whose housing activities impact on the city. The book illustrates issues of power distribution, the visions or agendas motivating these actions, and the instruments used to advance them. It considers the rise of mega housing projects; private sector driven residential developments; unobtrusive transformations of existing building stock, establishment and upgrading of informal settlements; and state driven low cost housing schemes. It surfaces the contestation, collaborations and conflicts as well as the power relations that operate within cities and which are made visible on cityscapes. Housing and human settlement scholars as well as those interested in urban politics and governance dynamics in the global south and across the African continent will find much to appreciate in this volume.


  • Research Article