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Landscape Architecture Education in Africa

Author / Authors:

  • Graham A. Young


In Diedrich Bruns & Stefanie Hennecke (eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Landscape Architecture Education. London: Routedge.


This chapter presents the history of the establishment of landscape architecture programmes in Africa and the influences that came to bare on their establishment. It begins with the focus on the pioneering role that the University of Pretoria played in the process. It then discusses other programmes across the continent and their status. Most programmes in Africa deferred to North American or European influences, but have been refined to a degree, to deal with local challenges and issues. The chapter ends with the question around post-colonial education, which arguable today, must give way to an ‘indigenous’ understanding of knowledge, particularly as it applies to the spatial theories which underpin the discipline. A number of practitioners discuss the questions that urgently need to be addressed within the framework of ongoing curriculum development and landscape architectural research and teaching across Africa.



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