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Making urban places Principles and guidelines for layout planning


Year published: 2014
Categories: Book
URL Link: https://openuctpress.uct.ac.za/uctpress/catalog/book/29

Author / Authors:

  • Roger Behrens,
  • Vanessa Watson


In recent years, town planners and other professionals have reached a consensus that a new approach to urban development is necessary. However, there is a significant gap in terms of an alternative concept for organising urban spaces. This book aims to fill that gap by presenting a markedly different approach that offers guidance to layout planning professionals.

The authors stress the importance of creating distinct settlements that prioritise pedestrian-oriented road geometries, integrated neighbourhoods, extroverted public facilities, and a focus on the collective functions of services. They reject more traditional approaches that prioritise car-oriented road geometries, neighbourhood cells, introverted public facilities, and a focus on residential service functions. The book serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to promote more innovative and inclusive urban planning practices in South Africa.


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