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Skills and Knowledge Transfer for Transitioning into the Green Economy


Year published: 2022
Categories: Book Chapter
URL Link: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-86178-0

Author / Authors:

  • John Ogony Odiyo
  • Agnes Musyoki
  • Rachel Makungo



This chapter aimed at identifying skills required for transitioning into green economy in the transport sector, preferred careers and institutions, challenges that could hinder transition to green economy in transport sector in addition to suggesting policy recommendations in case study carried out Limpopo Province. Case studies are required to provide insight into the nature of the current situation with respect to transition to green economy in the transport sector and providing knowledge and evidence on skills required transition to green transport. The study followed a qualitative and exploratory methodology involving administering questionnaire to purposively selected participants and stakeholder workshop aimed at discussing and debating on required knowledge and skills for transition to green economy in Limpopo Province, identifying challenges and policy recommendations. A total of twenty questionnaires were completed while 56 delegates from different departments and organisations participated in the workshop. Awide range of specific skills needs within technical, management skills and knowledge on techniques and skills on innovation and management for change categories, in the transport sector and their value chains were identified. Many of the skills required in the transport sector correspond to those required for the general green economy indicating that the transport sector will also benefit through implementation of the green economy in all sectors in the province. Most people chose environmental science as the most suitable career to follow in ensuring green economy. The respondents recognized the importance of mainstreaming the green economy at all levels of study. Challenges that could hinder transition to green economy include inadequate training and awareness programs, lack of existing skills directly related to the green economy at work places and inadequate funding for skills development in the green economy. Some of the policy recommendations include green growth capacity building for public administrators and policy makers, knowledge and skills transfer to be identified following the value chain based on the jobs required for each mode of green transport, development of methodology to mainstream green economy in all work places, mainstreaming green economy at all education levels, government to fund policy and legislation, and research and innovation related to green transport.

Keywords: Green economy, Knowledge transfer, Skills, Transport sector


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