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The National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP) Resource Kit

Author / Authors:

  • Marie Huchzermeyer,
  • Neil Klug,
  • Mark Misselhorn,
  • Constanza La Mantia,
  • Lauren Royston,
  • Gemey Abrahams,
  • Claudia Morgado,
  • Johnno Bennet,
  • Sarah Charlton,
  • Adrian Masson,
  • Clive Foster,
  • Jill Schlachter


South Africa has developed a progressive and comprehensive policy framework for the in situ or incremental upgrading of informal settlements. This is set out in Part 3, Chapter 13 of the National Housing Code, the Comprehensive Plan for the Creation of Sustainable Human Settlements (Breaking New Ground), and the National Development Plan, Vision for 2030 (2011). Nevertheless, local authorities and practitioners have found the in-situ upgrading of informal settlements extremely challenging. This Resource Kit provides you with the latest thinking, information, and approach to undertaking informal settlement upgrading, as well as training materials, to enhance the ability of practitioners and key stakeholders to implement upgrading initiatives.

The Resource Kit is easy to use. It covers nine subjects and each subject page provides a simple explanation and easy links to more detailed information. There are 10 parts to the kit – one for each subject and the last to suggest further reading:

Part 1 - Understanding Your Informal Settlements
Part 2 - In Situ Upgrading Principles and Policies
Part 3 - Building Partnerships
Part 4 - Surveys, Registration, and Security of Tenure
Part 5 - The Planning Process
Part 6 - Financing Upgrading
Part 7 - Design & Implementation
Part 8 - Monitoring and Evaluation
Part 9 - Sustaining Improvement
Part 10 - Further Reading

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