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Outsets, challenges, and opportunities of civil society in the context of Egypt’s current conservation policies [Article in German language]


Year published: 2022
Categories: Journal Article
URL Link: https://www.trialog-journal.de/en/journals/trialog-143-city-community-and-heritage-in-egypt-2011-2021/

Author / Authors:

  • Florian Muarrawi



This article is based on desktop research and a field trip (2018) and focuses on the transformation of Cairo´s urban layout. Cairo is faced with radical urban transformation through informal housing, among others. Historical dwellings are increasingly affected and their structural, as well as social potentials, are at risk due to the construction of informal buildings. At the same time, the national state seems to be overwhelmed by these challenges. Against this backdrop, this article aims to explore whether there are formal and informal participation processes which allow local civil society to shape an active monument conservation policy. With the help of exemplary case studies, this study assesses the opportunities and challenges of civil society organisations which attempt to influence monument preservation policies beyond official participation formats. Thus, the article contributes to highlighting the relevance and function of projects related to heritage conservation driven by civil society organisations.

Trialog - A Journal for Planning and Building in a Global Context #143 “City, Community and Heritage in Egypt: 2011-2021” edited by Hebatalla Abouelfadl, Mirhan Damir, Mohamed ElGamal and Franziska Laue


  • Journal Article