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Year published: 2023
Categories: Book Chapter
URL Link: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-031-19594-5_9

Author / Authors:

  • Christopher Martin
  • Rudo Kemper
  • Colin M. Gibson
  • Natalie Thornhill
  • Rohini Patel
  • Dawn Martin-Hill



Terrastories is a free and open-source participatory mapping software enabling communities to build a database of place-based stories and visualize these on a digital map. Co-designed with Indigenous communities, Terrastories leverages a simple interface to serve the focused needs of its targeted users: to map information that is culturally relevant and important to communities. Terrastories allows for uploading information in different multimedia formats and protects the information by granting users different levels of access. Terrastories is easy-to-use, requiring a low level of technical expertise. Knowledge on Indigenous issues, data sovereignty, and ethics are important to guide information gathering methodologies to build a Terrastories map. These concepts solicit novel interpretations of conventional terms such as ‘data accuracy’. A case study is presented in this chapter that outlines how Terrastories is being used by an Indigenous water research program from Six Nations of the Grand River in Canada called Ohneganos Ohnegahdę:gyo.

Free and open-source software,
Indigenous data sovereignty,
Indigenous knowledge,
Indigenous mapping,
Oral histories,
Place-based storytelling,


  • Book Chapter