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Maps codify the miracle of existence

Maps are wonderful. They inform, lay bare the facts and allow us to make connections between space and time. Therefore, Spatial Data Services Africa ( ) is excited to launch, collaborating with our sister company, BC Gildenhuys and Associates ( ), a series of maps that show the intricacies and wonders of development in South Africa. It will often highlight the challenges we face and highlight the endless opportunities South Africa offers. We will reiterate that South Africa is not a monolith but a country of complexities and diversity.

We aim to publish a map or related topics regularly under the broad themes of demographics, urbanisation and land supplemented by our municipalities' economic and institutional features and supplemented by maps on agriculture mining and environmental issues.

We draw our data from MapAble®, the technology used by Spatial Data Services Africa and BC Gildenhuys & Associates. Our technology is available as a subscription service at There are currently more than 2000 national datasets in our database.

We start with a map of South Africa's institutional demarcations showing provinces, district municipalities, local municipalities and their wards. Click on the link and zoom in and out using your mouse's scroll button, and change your base map in the dropdown box in the top right-hand corner of the map window. Enjoy!


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