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Module 4 - Infrastructure Led Growth through spatially targeted Public Investment

Module Overview

This module on Infrastructure-led Growth through Spatially Targeted Public Investment takes a look at intergovernmental alignment in strategy, planning and infrastructure investment programming. The module details lessons learnt by metros within the broader inter-governmental planning context.

The objective of this module is to strengthen the role of metropolitan municipalities in promoting infrastructure-led growth through spatial targeting public infrastructure investment. The intention is for metros to guide infrastructure investment so as to have a stronger hand guiding private sector and household investment to realise government’s desired built environment outcomes of a more compact, productive, and sustainable city.

The module covers, inter alia:
•  Urban Development Priorities for Metros
•  Public Sector Investment
•  Comparison of Strong and Weak Metros
•  Instruments and Innovations
•  Lessons for the metros pertain to strengthening leadership and governance, spatial planning and project preparation, the Inter- Governmental Project Pipe-Line; and, implementation and urban management. 
•  Lessons at a broader inter-governmental level address the need for ongoing public-sector reform in: planning; inter-governmental co-ordination; fiscal relations; and municipal support.


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