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Viewing map details in small maps

It is often challenging to show all the required detail on maps in the report. To overcome this challenge, MapAble® ( allows one to embed a URL in a document. The URL links the map, which will open the map in a browser. Then, one needs to click on the map or link (Ctrl + Click) in the report.
The figure below shows how to use the controls in the browser.

When the map opens in the browser (remember the rate at which it renders is related to your internet connection's speed), there are several things one can do:

1. Change the background maps (including HERE satellite images). Use the dropdown box in the top right-hand corner.
2. You can zoom in or out by turning the scroll button (wheel) on your mouse or clicking on the plus and minus buttons
3. To reset the map view click on the browser's refresh button.
4. To move the map around ("pan"), hold in the left mouse button and drag the map up or down, left or right, as one may require. Again, to reset the map view click on the browser's refresh button.

There is no legend on the browser map. However, the colours on the browser map correspond to the colours on the maps in this document.

Use this link to explore building points in Tshwane.

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